Gorgeous Day at Dorothea Dix Park, Raleigh, NC. A field of sunflowers, blooming – Mid July.

Green Tomatoes

I’m seeing some fried green tomato with bacon and lettuce in my future. These babies survived the attack from bunnies and deer. Blood meal for the deer worked. The bunnies wave at me I swear when I go after them! They are not giving up, but neither are my tomatoes.

Valley of Fire – Nevada – Gift of Flowers

Recent trip Las Vegas brought me to Valley of Fire for a day trip. I was struck at a place so dry, hot, nothing but red rocks, could harbor this flower. Just a reminder that there is beauty in almost everything. You just have to look. May 2021


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About Me

Hello, I’m Jeanette. This page is an attempt to consolidate the crazy amount of photos I take, whether while on a simple walk or traveling. Flowers are my favorite, one is never enough, and every bloom has it’s own distinct beauty. Enjoy!

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