Progressive Cards

I took the Progress Cards class and thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought I would try some different techniques with embossing. I used an embossing folder and some crackle paste.

I used a piece of watercolor paper and lightly misted both sides with water. I put it in the 3-D Texture Fades Foliage embossing folder and ran through my die cutter. When it was dry I lightly ran the ink pads of Tattered Rose and Antique Linen over the embossed leaves. I let dry and redid the process. I found the key was to very lightly run the ink pads over the embossed panel. I blended around the outside some tea die distress oxide to frame it.

I used the Greenwood Flower Altenew Layer stencil and stamped the first layer. On the 2nd layer of the stencil, I used some crackle paste. I then sprinkled some Kitsch Flamingo embossing glaze on the paste and waited for it to dry. After drying, using a heat gun, heated and embossed the glaze. I then lightly misted with some perfect pearls in some water.

I assembled the flower on some specialty papers and adhered to a card. Lastly, I added the sentiment.

Hope you enjoy!

Bible Heroines – Abigail

I Samuel 25

This is one of my favorite women in the Bible. We are told that she is beautiful and of good understanding 1 Samuel 25:3. However, her husband Nabal was just the opposite. He was rich, but harsh and evil in his doings.

After Samuel had died, David left and went down to the Wilderness of Paran. He heard that a man called Nabel was shearing his 3,000 sheep. He gathered a few of his men and told them to greet Nabal in his name. He said to let Nabal know that some of his shepherds were with him and were not hurt. They would appreciate some food for his men. Once David’s men talked to Nabal he questioned who David was, and said the servants were not necessarily his. He was not going to give up his food for someone he did not know.

A servant told Abigail about the encounter and that David was very upset. This in itself I believe shows that he knew Abigail would understand, and he wasn’t afraid of telling her the truth. He was afraid of what David might do after being very good to them. The servant said that “Nabal was a scoundrel, and that no one can speak to him.” Abigail immediately put food together and loaded up donkeys, but did not tell Nabal what she was doing. When she met up with David she bowed before him.

Abigail says “Please pay no attention, my lord, to that wicked man Nabal. He is just like his name – his name means Fool, and folly goes with him”. To me, this one sentence says all about what you need to know about Abigail. She is direct, wise, and goes against the way women were to act at that time. She outright called her husband a fool. She also advises David in a way where he listens to her.

Bringing food validated that she agreed that it was a simple request. She wasn’t just speaking the words, she backed it up by her effort of bringing the food to him and his men.

Abigail starts off by talking positively about David’s character. “Please forgive the trespass of your maidservant. For the Lord will certainly make for my Lord an enduring house, because my lord fights the battles of the Lord, and evil is not found in you throughout your days.” 1 Samuel 25-28. This contrasts with his current state of anger and wanting to take revenge. She also reminds him of the way Saul wanted to kill him. Nabal may deserve it, but does his whole family deserve to die because of Nabal’s deeds. She also reminded David that killing Nabal violated Gods commandment against murder. “Now therefore, my Lord, as the Lord lives and as your soul lives, since the Lord has held you back from coming to bloodshed and from avenging yourself with your own hand, now then, let your enemies and those who seek harm for my Lord be as Nabal.” 1 Samuel 25: 26. She gently asks David he would consider her being here a sign that “the Lord has held you back” from the sin that would be committed.

Additionally, Abigail brings up the future when David will be the ruler over Israel. “And it shall come to pass when the Lord has done for my lord according to all the good that he has spoken concerning you, and has appointed you ruler over Israel.” 1 Samuel 25:30.

I get the feeling that there was admiration for Abigail from David. She showed temperance, wisdom, and knew how to get him to consider her words. For a woman in those times no less, this was a defining moment for both of them. As upset as he was, he admitted that she was a blessing. “Blessed is the Lord God of Israel who sent you this day to meet me. And blessed is your advice and blessed are you, because you have kept me this day from coming to bloodshed and from avenging myself with my own hand.” 1 Samuel 25:32-33

After Nabal had died, David wasted no time asking her to be his wife. For a first-time meeting, she showed the ability to understand, diffuse his anger, and think through the consequences of his anger. It would take a pretty special person to be able to do that, especially back in those times where women were not highly regarded as confidants, and strategic. Her goodness and kindness broke through David’s heart and changed his thought process for the good.

This story shows that confrontation done with the right reasons can overcome anger. David saw that Abigail’s qualities could add to his own and that was a good thing. There was an element of mutual respect between the two. We are reminded that with God in our lives, the right decisions can be made a little easier.

I hope you can see the good qualities in Abigail, and see how the right mindset can make a difference in anything we attempt to accomplish. With God all things are possible.


Stencils and Texture

Another class down for the AECP Level III. I took Nicole Watt’s Stencils Unleashed: Advanced Stencil Techniques. This class did not disappoint. She had a section on adding texture with paste through stencils. I chose to do a card based on that theme. This is really easy and adds a lot to the card.

I secured a stencil to a piece of white cardstock by using some Washi tape.

I then used some Altenew Pink Pearl ink and put some on my mat. Using some Dreamweaver Pearlescent Embossing Paste, I mixed it together, to give a little tint. I really like using this for a light background texture.

Using a spatula I used the paste and coated the stencil. After removing the stencil, I let the paste dry and cut to the size I wanted. The pearlescent with just a hint of color really came through.

I used some gold cardstock with Altenew’s Adhesive backing and Flowing Foliage Die set. The adhesive helped because the dies were little and detailed. I added a few pearls and a sentiment. Adhered it to a light pink card base. For a more clean and simple card, there is a lot of texture. I am pretty pleased with it.

I hope you enjoy!

Creative Coloring

Another class down and one of my favorites. Creative Coloring with Erum – Advanced Techniques. Erum is such a wonderful artist, and her gift of coloring is very evident in this class. Some people just have the gift of inspiring others. I decided to try one of her techniques of stamping layers and then using markers over that to add a little more to the overall look.

I started by using the Altenew Trellis Stencil and Sea Glass Ink for the background. I cut it down to 4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″.

I then started working on layering the flower starting with the lightest ink first. I created a mask for the first flower and created the 2nd flower over it using the same colors as before. I then used the Artist Markers and did some flicks with the colors extending the original layers out a little. I cut this panel down and adhered it to the trellis backing.

I then used a little washi tape to create some lines. I stamped the sentiment and heat embossed. Lastly, added a few crystals and adhered to a white card.

Supplies for this were:
Altenew Perennial Beauty Stamp and Die
Altenew Trellis Stencil
Altenew Ink and Artist Markers, Sea Glass, Ocean Waves, Dusk, and Desert Night
Obsidian Ink and Embossing Powder

I like how this turned out and will definitely practice with this again.

I hope you enjoy!

Gilding Flakes

I took the class For the Love of Color. The last lesson was a bonus lesson, and when I saw gilding flakes I knew I had to try it. This allowed me to try more of a clean card. I enjoyed it. However, it’s messy. A week later and I still have those flakes on my desk. Don’t cough or sneeze and that will help. The look though is very different and I enjoyed something different.

I used the following in creating this card:

Altenew Blossoms and Blooms Stamp and Die
Indigoblu Flitterglue, Phat Foam and Gilding Flakes
Metallic Watercolors
Sizzix Arched 3-D Embossing Folder

Put a little glue on the square of foam and lightly tap on the stamp. You don’t want to squish it down just make sure the top of the stamp is coated. I used my Misti and stamped onto Neenah Classic White card stock.

I sprinkled with the gilding flakes a little red and more gold. Used my finger to make sure it was all coated, and then used the back of the foam that was a little rougher and used a circular motion on the flower. Since there was a mixture of red and gold flakes that I rubbed off together, I put them into an empty bottle to use for later. There will be a lot left. Did I mention this was messy? There were a few red blobs that I used an Exacto knife to scrape a little bit.

I embossed a backing for the flower and used a few metallic splatters. For the flower, I used some metallic watercolor and painted the leaves and flowers. I then die-cut and used some foam tape to adhere to the panel.

I hope you enjoy!

Shapes on Cards

I passed the ACEP Level II. Yippee! Now for Level III. I took Jaycee Gaspar’s Elements of Floral Composition Online Cardmaking Class. One of my favorites. This class is packed with great ideas and ways of looking at composition. For my card I tried to use the triangle shape that he taught. There is so much good stuff in this class I’m going to have to go through it again.

I started out by using the Altenew Blossom & Bloom Die. Stamped with Obsidian Ink. Cut out a few sets and set out to color.

I used several mediums including some of Altenew’s new mixed media ink. I used a water brush and colored the leaves and flower with the media inks. After they dried I went in with my copics and added a little more color. Then used a gold gel pen and added dots to the outside center.

I adhered the flowers so it represented a triangle. Jaycee also talked about adding dimension by having some flower adhered directly on the paper and some using foam to raise it up a bit.

I added a sentiment in gold paper. Added some gold jewels, and some gold washi tape to add a little bit of lines to the background. I adhered to a kraft card base and that completes this card.

Hope you enjoy!

Level II – AECP Final Challenge – Masculine Cards

I have completed the Level II – Altenew Educator Certification Program (AECP) Final Challenge. When I meet these goals, I feel like I have learned so much. This challenge has been so enjoyable, in spite of really going out of my box and comfort zone, I felt like the creative process really came through.

I needed to select 3 components in Level 1 or 2 classes and explain why they had inspired me. Also, I needed to create 4 masculine cards that encompassed, birthday, love/thinking of you, anniversary, and encouragement. And, lastly to create an altered item/upcycled project.

For the three components, I chose the elements from Clean and Simple Boutique Cards, Let It Shine Cards, and For the Guys cards. These classes were great, and so many tips were a such a help and changed the way I think about designing cards. Clean and simple to me in this project means white background, less is more. Using metallics and embossing was also discussed in different ways. Let it Shine, well, it is what it is. Bling, metallics, embossing, perfect pearls, and using embellishments to make your cards shine. Lastly For the Guys, I got the most from this. Using geometrics is a perfect way to showcase a card for a guy. In previous cards, I always tried to have a foresty scene. However, you can do so much with basic lines, triangles, rectangles, etc.

For consistency in colors I chose the Altenew Inks. I also used the Altenew stamps and stencils for the main focal components. Another consistency element I tried to use geometric elements. For guy cards, the flowers don’t really cut it. I think that is why people tend to shy away from these types of cards. I also think that guys need their own set of cards. A few days ago my husband came in and said “can you make a card for Larry, something with a car for his birthday.” I was concentrating on something so different, I didn’t want to change gears. But, I did, because he asks so little from me, and I love him. But with this set I’m giving him. He has a little stash to choose from.

Below are the items I used to create these cards.

Altenew Silver Lake, Cloudy Night, Charcoal Suit, Mountain Mist, Volcano Lake, Lagoon

Dreamweaver Pearlescent Paste
Embossing Powder
Tim Holtz Idea-ology Metallic paper
Ranger – Woodgrain Cardstock
Altenew – Enamel Dots

Stamps, Dies and Stencils:
Diamond Frame Cover Die
Hello Die
Mega Alpha “J” Die
Trigonometry Stamp and Die
All Things “A” Stamp and Die
Cube Builder Stencils
Dot Botanicals Stamp and Die
Diamond Stars 3D Embossing Folder

The first card was an encouragement card which I used the All Things A Stamp and Die. I used the Volcano Lake to create the background for the A.

I cut the pattern out of the metallic paper. I wanted something different so I just used a part of it to cover the A. I used a little craft foam to give it some dimension.

I covered the A with a little perfect pearls in water to give it a little shine. To complete I added a sentiment, and a few enamel dots. This went on a grey card base.

My second card was a Thank You card.

I mixed up some Pearlescent Paste and Mountain Mist Ink. I used the Mighty Corners Stencil and covered the lines with the paste. The paste was already pearlescent, so this added a little shine. I waited a few hours and created the triangles out of the Trigonometry Stamps and Dies.

I played around with the placement and glued down. Added a sentiment cut out of the metallic paper and adhered to a white card base.

My third card was a simpler card once I figured out what to do. I used the metallic paper and embossed the Diamond Stars 3D Embossing Folder. For the sentiment I did the same in a teal color. Attached a Love sentiment which I glued to some foam for dimension. On top of that I adhered “From the Heart.”

I loved how simple this was to make and how it looks. A few enamel dots finish it off.

My fourth card is probably my favorite. It turned out totally different than what I had started out doing. I first used the Diamond Frame Cover Die with the metallic cardstock.

I used the Shine Like a Diamond Stamp and then cut out the J.

I used some foam and put behind the J for dimension and popped it back into the white woodgrain paper. I then layed the Diamond Frame Cover over the J. On top of that I cut a hello and arranged some foam squares where it needed some height. A few enamel dots and the card was finished. This is what clean and simple means to me.

The last card I completed was another fun one. I used the Cube Builders Stencil. I absolutely loved this. The possibilities are endless. I also love this color combination. I adhered the cubes background to a white card base.

I used the Dot Botanicals Stamp and Die, and embossed a clear coating on the dots to add a little shine. I used the die to cut out and adhere to the cubes. I cut the Happy sentiment out of the metallic cardstock and stamped Anniversary on piece of white cardstock. Added a few enamel dots and the card was finished.

So that concludes the card portion of this project.

I also needed to recyle a product, so I chose a clear plastic box that has been sitting on my desk forever. I didn’t want to throw away so I thought I would use a little alcohol ink. I put some on the plastic, spritzed with alcohol, and used my Tim Holtz blower to move the ink around. Left overnight to make sure it was dry.

The next day I didn’t want to take the chance to mess my card up by putting it in the newly painted holder, so I ironed a piece of tissue paper, wrapped the cards up and put in the holder. Tied a bow around it, and created a tag.

I hope you enjoy!

Color Your Day

The Color Your Day class was very impressive. This is my last class for the AECP Level II. Sometimes when making a card I get stuck with how much color and what colors. This class centered around how to alleviate those challenges. The Color Wheel is a great start, but I centered in on the 70/20/10 method. When I finished the card it was more like 50/40/10, but I like it. This card went together so easy. I couldn’t get to sleep one night so I thought I would just go start a card and before I new it, I completed it so there are no pictures.

I used the Altenew Shine like a Diamond stamp for the background, and while it was drying stamped the Sweet Nothings flower and leaves on Neenah Classic White cardstock. I used copic markers to lightly color. I’m not very good at shading, but I am pleased overall. I attached the flower with foam tape to the background along with the leaves. I then stamped the Sentiment and adhered that to the background. I used some orange embellishments and attached to a white cardbase.

I hope you enjoy!

Mood Colors

I just took the Altenew In the Mood for Color class. This class was creating cards that convey different moods. Instead of just having a particular color I tried to do a card with different colors, but conveying similar moods. Overall, the blues were supposed to be calming, and the blue green was relaxing. There were not a lot of steps to this, so there is not a lot of pictures.

I used the Altenew Dearest Friend Stamp, with Memento Black Ink, and copics to color. I added a hello out of sparkle paper and a sentiment under it. I also added a few sequins. I mounted to a blue card base. I’m still learning shading, and markers I don’t use very often, but overall I liked this card.

I hope you enjoy!